Ball-busting CBT

Beat that Meat! Ball-busting CBT

BLURB:  Penises Beware! This workshop will teach the many methods of sadism that surround Ball-busting techniques in Cock & Ball Torture.  Through demonstrations and guided practice, we will learn how to effectively and safely inflict pain with everything from our hands, to innocuous tools, to traditional CBT devices.  As an attendee of this workshop, you’ll receive a “goodie” bag of evil little CBT tools to use in class, which you are welcome to take home.  To ensure you get plenty of hands-on experience, please bring a penis-bearer to practice on!

BIO: CBT is a personal favorite fetish for Schadenfreude, which she discovered in the middle of a spanking scene due to an overly-excited, poorly aimed slap.  Ever since, she has been exploring the endless evil options of this intense physical and psychological torture.  Whether playing with just her hands and her wicked attitude, or with the help of extra accoutrements, CBT is a sure-fire way to cultivate suffering and submission.  Today, Schadenfreude indulges her own and others’ sadistic desires by sharing her many ball-busting techniques through demonstrations and guided practice in her interactive CBT workshop.


            Time: Approximately 2 hours

            Space: A small to medium room

            Furniture: Moveable chairs for the participants, a chair for the demo bottom

            Play Stations: Standing Suspension Station or Queening Chair (optional)

            Incidentals: Pencils or pens for the participants, Projector & Screen (if possible)