Schadenfreude’s workshops are individually posted with each page listing the workshop requirements, her related experience and the workshop description.  Said workshops are organized by series or as stand-alone workshops.  Series workshops do not need to be booked together.  They are simply suggestions.

*FAN FAVORITE* means the workshop is highly requested and highly rated

*EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE* means the workshop topic is unique to Schadenfreude (and that no other presenter teaches that topic regionally)
*NEW* means the workshop is fully operational, however it has not been presented yet. That means your organization or event could be the first to see it!
*UNDER CONSTRUCTION* means the workshop is currently being redesigned and updated in accordance with the latest education research trends.  Said workshop will be fully operational in about a month.
*COMING SOON* means the workshop is currently being developed and will be ready to present in a month or so.  However, if said workshop interests you, schedule it with Schadenfreude and she will finish it faster!