Foot Worship

Making Soles Sing: Sensual Foot Worship & Hedonistic Service

BLURB:  If you love to literally be waited on hand and foot (or do the waiting!), this workshop is for you.  First, we will cover multiple forms of foot and shoe service, such as step by step instructions for giving pedicures, massage and shoe shining tips.  Then we will really get our feet wet by indulging in sensual and sexual forms of foot worship, such as toe-sucking and foot jobs.  We’ll even discuss dirty ways to involve feet into typical PIV sex positions.  So if possible, bring a partner and a pedicure brush, so that you can learn in hedonistic luxury. 

BIO: Schadenfreude’s experience with foot worship developed gradually out of her hedonistic love of footrubs.   Foot rubs led to pedicures, which turned into toe-sucking, foot jobs and much, much more!  She fell so head over heels in love with foot worship, that her husband even started developing a foot fetish of his own.  As an educator within the kink community, Schadenfreude loves helping to convert kinksters who are foot-shy into foot fanatics, by sharing her knowledge, enthusiasm and experiences around foot worship.


            Time: Approximately 2 hours

            Space: A medium to small room

            Furniture: Chairs for the participants, footrests (if possible), a small table for the presenter

            Play Stations: Throne (if possible) with footrest


  • Projector & Screen (if possible)
  •  Massage oil for the participants, Towels for clean-up