Dirty Talk

Flirty to Filthy: The Art of Dirty Talk

BLURB: It’s time to open the door to better sex by opening your mouth! Not oral sex, silly. Dirty Talk! Just like learning a foreign language, this workshop will start with basic linguistic strategies that evolve into more complex technique. But I won’t be talking the whole time, because you’ll get your turn too! There will be plenty of fun opportunities to participate, from ice-breakers to team challenges. So come learn to loosen your tongue and release your imagination with dirty talk!

BIO: No amount of soap could clean Schadenfreude’s dirty mouth! She discovered the power of words at an early age, and has been using that to her advantage ever since. From dirty talk to dirty fics, Schadenfreude has perfected various linguistic techniques that work for erotic humiliation, role play or just awesome sex. Today, she shares her word-smith skills with others, inviting and inspiring them to get their dirty talk on!


            Time: Approximately 2 hours

Space: A medium room with space for participants to move into groups

Furniture: Moveable chairs for the participants, a small table for the presenter

Play Stations: N/A

Incidentals: Pencils or pens for the participants, White board (if possible)