Pet Play Pervertibles

Purchasing Pervertibles for Pups & Ponies: How to Navigate through Vanilla Pet Stores & Tack Shops


BLURB: Get ready to shop till you drop without dropping hints to the vanillas about what you’re up to!  This workshop will discuss all the best purchases you can make for pet play without outing yourself.  Product quality and safety will be heavily emphasized, along with shopping tips for subtlety. Be prepared to participate in discussion and team challenges designed to entertain and educate!

BIO: Pet play was one of Schadenfreude’s earliest kinks, as it is a fetish that is surprisingly easy to find toys for, thanks to tack and pet shops. Over the years, she has subversively shopped at said stores, amassing an excellent collection for puppy and pony play and learning the safety considerations and quality requirements for each item. Today, Schadenfreude has devised and implemented a fantastically fun pet pervertibles workshop to share her sneaky shopping strategies and experiences with others so that they can compile their own toy collections!


            Time: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

Space: A medium room with space for participants to move into groups

Furniture: Moveable chairs for the participants, a small table for the presenter

Play Stations: N/A

            Incidentals: Pencils or pens for the participants, White board (if possible)