Communication in Pet Play

The Language of Pet Play: Communicating Beyond Bits and Muzzles


#CUSTOMIZABLE! This workshop can be adapted for just kitty, puppy, or pony players or any combination thereof

BLURB:  Whinnies, woofs and purrrrrrrs, oh my!  Come learn the subtle language of pet play.  This class will not only teach you how to make authentic-sounding animal noises, but will also teach you what those noises mean.  We will also cover body languages of different bio-species and how those behaviors can translate into human pet behavior.  Whether you are a trainer or a pet, this class will help you understand your partner’s cues better. 

BIO: Pet play was one of Schadenfreude’s earliest kinks, especially if you count her mimicry of animal noises as a kid.  She has ample experience in kitten, puppy and pony play, and has won several awards at pony play competitions, including Grand Champion 2013 at Camp Crucible.  As both a trainer and a pet, Schadenfreude has a unique perspective on pet play D/s dynamics and how communication fuels those dynamics.  Today, Schadenfreude loves sharing her experience in pet play with this interactive workshop, which will teach you to whinny (or bark or mew) in a way you never thought you could!


            Time: Approximately 1 and a half hours

            Space: A medium room with space for participants to move into groups

            Furniture: Moveable chairs for the participants, a small table for the presenter

            Play Stations: N/A

            Incidentals: Pencils or pens for the participants, White board (if possible)