Below are testimonials given by attendees of Schadenfreude’s workshops.

For testimonials given by BDSM Organization Leaders, see Endorsements.

I attended two of Schadenfreude’s classes at TESfest 2018, Boot Stomping and Pain Processing.


Her teaching style is educational and very engaging.  In the Boot Stomping Class, each type of activity was demo’ed, then there was an opportunity for participants that wanted to practice the techniques.  She also performed a demo with her bottom that showed what a scene really could look like.  It was amazing to see their connection and see it was not just a series of kicks, but a real creative scene.


The pain processing class was very full and had a lot of information to cover.  She was a very engaging teacher even while providing the technical information.  There did not seem to be enough time for any audience participation as there were a lot of questions in a class that was large and time flew by quickly.  It was a lot of good information.  I look forward to seeing other classes that Schadenfreude has to offer.

ThePhenix, from Hopkinton RI


I had the good fortune to attend two workshops at REAF 2014, where Schadenfreude was presenting. I volunteered in advance to be Workshop Ambassador for her Pony Play 101 class. Not knowing for sure what that entailed, I first enjoyed her Cock and Ball Bondage class.


Both classes had eager students of a wide variety. It was great to see so many smiles, grins and actively engaged people. The information was shared in welcoming and entertaining way that made it feel more intimate and less like being in a lecture hall.


Seeing the motions/movements, props and their results along with the descriptions made the lessons easy to absorb. Schadenfreude kept a good pace and even offered the same demonstrations from different angles or perspectives.


What most impressed me was her ability to adapt and flow with challenges in a professional manner. I would go so far as to say she was very down to earth. Like she was with us, one of us. When there were delays or interruptions, she found ways to keep things moving. Offering to accept questions or demonstrate something again to fill gaps. When things got noisy from outside the classroom, she made them an entertaining addition rather than a major distraction and continued without missing a beat.


As ambassador, I passed out survey cards before the class and collected them after. As people placed their cards in the basket there were several compliments and positive reflections shared between attendees. I took a headcount just before starting, and more students wandered in throughout, a few said they heard good things and were excited to see for themselves. Despite the large group, Schadenfreude made sure to move about the room before and after, making herself available for questions and comments.


I look forward to future workshops, and I’m thrilled to see it will be easier to keep an eye out for future events!

HybridPuppy, from Rochester NY


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a number of Schadenfreude’s presentations, including her foot fetish, co-topping, biting, and physics of BDSM workshops. Simply put she’s a delight; very focused on keeping the content living, practical, and applicable to the audience, Schadenfruede checks in much in the way we expect partners to when in a scene. She keeps attention drawn, material fresh, and fuses knowledge in the room with her own which creates rich experiences for everyone involved. Regardless of whether the content is theoretical or skill-based it’s easy to learn something new that re-informs your kink lexicon.

Fluffysama, from Cleveland OH


My girl, a_sunflower, and I attended a couple of Schadenfreude’s pony classes: “From Tack to Training: Getting Started with Pony Play” and “The Language of Pony Play: Communicating Beyond the Bit.”  The first time at REAF 2014. The other time at the play dungeon: La Domaine Esemar. The classes were very informative, and a lot of fun. Schadenfreude showed us everything from basic gear and tack, the proper care of one’s pony, and the various ways for someone to enter pony space. The classes were very hands on and interactive. Both my girl and I learned a lot and have utilized what we have learned from Schadenfreude’s class. We recommend this class for anyone interested in trying out pony play.

MrMedik and a_sunflower, from Rochester NY

I had the joy of attending Schadenfreude’s Bringing Your Fantasies to Life workshop at GKE in 2013. Hands down, it was one of my favorite presentations of the weekend, and I’m not just saying that because I love incorporating my fandoms into my kink. Schadenfreude started the workshop with a bit of background, but then got right into the details. No time was wasted. I loved how the class covered different fandoms and different kinks, because it made it much easier to imagine applying the techniques to your own play, and made it feel more accessible. The audience was kept involved, so that we got to focus on the parts that we were most interested in; it wasn’t just a lecture. We got to come up with our own scenarios, and then talk our way through those, so the class will be different every time. Schadenfreude was authoritative, which you would expect from a Domme, but that didn’t keep her from being approachable with any questions. The workshop was incredibly informative, but it was also FUN.

Luna, from Middlesex NJ