Petting Zoo Pet Play Series

Pet Play is a type of role play fetish that involves a D/s dynamic between a submissive taking the role of a human animal and the dominant taking the role as the pet owner or trainer.  This fetish has all the trappings on BDSM: bondage in the form of collars and reins, discipline in behavioral training, D/s in the dynamic between pet and owner, and sadomasochism as is wished to be included, whether that be with a riding crop or chastity.  It is an iconic and highly ritualistic fetish that many find to be intense and absolutely enthralling.

Schadenfreude’s Pet Play Series, called the Dog & Pony Show, is a pair of workshops that teach an introduction to pet play, by informing the participants how to create their pet play toy collections and how to use said toys in training and play. Click the following links for individual descriptions of each workshop in this series.

#CUSTOMIZABLE Tapping into your Inner Animal: Developing your Pony- or Pupsona

#CUSTOMIZABLE The Language of Pet Play: Communicating Beyond Bits and Muzzles

#CUSTOMIZABLE Barking orders and Horsing Around: Getting Started with Pet Play

#BRAND SPANKING NEW Purchasing Pet Play Pervertibles: How to Navigate Vanilla Pet & Tack Shops