Hot for Heels Series

schad bootLeather-clad or au naturel, feet can feature in all sorts of sadomasochistic or service-oriented play in the BDSM scene as well.  Feet have the unique versatility of acting as tools of torture, objects of worship and receptacles for pleasure or pain regardless of whether they are naked or armored within a leather boot.  Feet, inside boots or out, have a little something for everyone to discover and enjoy!

Schadenfreude’s Hot for Heels Series is a set of workshops that introduces kinksters to the many ways that boots and feet can be used in BDSM play beyond typical forms of bootblacking or foot worship. Click the following links for individual descriptions of each workshop in this series.

Beyond Bastinado: Various Forms of Foot Torture

#FAN FAVORITE Boot Stomping: Basic Training

#BRAND SPANKING NEW Boot Play Outside the Box: Creative Scene Crafting

#EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE Making Soles Sing: Sensual Foot Worship and Hedonistic Service