Co-Topping Techniques

Double Trouble: The Joys of Co-Topping

BLURB: What’s more terrifying than facing one sadistic Top? Facing two! This workshop will teach you the many styles of co-topping from cooperative to competitive. Learn to combine your forces of sadism with a fellow dominant to give your submissive the thrill of their life. From communication to coordinating strikes, be prepared to participate in demonstrations and role play simulations that will arm you with the practical experience and knowledge necessary to co-top!

BIO: Schadenfreude’s experience with co-topping arose due to her relationship with her beloved, switchy husband, Cowboy Bill. When he didn’t feel like submitting to her, they found another bottom to beat… Together! Over the six years that they have been together, they developed strong communications methods and explored the many styles of co-topping. Today, Schadenfreude spreads the joys of co-topping through the participatory demonstration and simulation of her co-topping workshop, usually with the help of her not-always-subby hubby, Cowboy Bill.


Time: Approximately 2 hours

Space: A large room with space for participants to move about

Furniture: Moveable chairs for the participants, a small table for the presenter

Play Stations: Spanking bench or small bondage table (negotiable)

Incidentals: Pencils or pens for the participants