Foot Torture

Beyond Bastinado: Various Forms of Foot Torture

BLURB:  Get ready to sweep your partner off their feet with foot torture!  As long as you’re not foot-phobic, feet have a lot to offer every kind of sadomasochistic kinkster.  Whether you prefer impact, bondage or other sensational forms of sadistic play, this workshop will go way beyond just Bastinado with a little something for everyone.  If you wish to participate, feel free to bring your favorite impact toy and rope.  However, several types of disposable foot torture toys will also be provided so that you can make this little piggie cry whee-whee-whee all the way home.

BIO:  Schadenfreude’s curiosity about foot torture blossomed in her teenage years when working on a school project about the European witch hunts and their preferred interrogation methods.  In her years later in the BDSM scene, she realized why so many medieval torture methods focus on the vulnerabilities of feet after enjoying her fair share of dishing out and suffering through various forms of foot torture.  Today, as a kink educator, she is here to share that discovery with you!  So join Schadenfreude’s foot torture workshop for some new, wicked foot-play ideas with an added bonus of learning some fascinating tidbits about medieval history.


            Time: Approximately 2 hours

            Space: A medium room with space for participants to move into groups

            Furniture: Stable, yet moveable chairs for the participants, a small table for the presenter

            Play Stations: Suspension station & bondage table or spanking bench


  • Projector & Screen (if possible)
  • Disposable toys for participants: large rubber bands, plastic toothpicks, wooden chopsticks or skewers, feathers (if possible)