Pet Play Headspace

Tapping into your inner animal: Developing your Pony- or Pupsona

#CUSTOMIZABLE! This workshop can be adapted for just puppy or pony players or both

BLURB:  Have you raided your local pet store for all the toys and trappings of pet play, but still have cold paws (or hooves) about getting started?  Don’t whine.  Discover your inner pet with this interactive, paws-on workshop! This class will delve into multiple approaches for self-discovery and headspace development for pups or ponies, including triggers, natural versus “forced” headspace, breed archetypes and pet-owner dynamics.  Please bring any pet play gear that helps your headspace.

BIO: Pet play was one of Schadenfreude’s earliest kinks, as it is a fetish that is surprisingly easy to find toys for, thanks to pet stores.  She has ample experience in kitten, puppy and pony play, and has won several awards at pony play competitions, including Grand Champion 2013 at Camp Crucible.  As both a trainer and a pet, Schadenfreude has a unique perspective on pet play D/s dynamics and how communication fuels those dynamics.  Today, Schadenfreude loves sharing her experience in pet play with this interactive workshop, which will teach you to whinny (or bark or mew) in a way you never thought you could!


            Time: Approximately 1 and a half hours

            Space: A medium to large room with space for participants to practice commands

            Furniture: Moveable chairs for the participants, a small table for the presenter

            Play Stations: N/A

            Incidentals: Pencils or pens for the participants,