Erotic Biting

Kama Dentata: The Art of Biting


schad bite
BLURB: Biting is as sensual and complicated of an art as kissing, yet few practice it as much. In this workshop, you will learn and practice the seven sensual (and some sadistic) bites of the kama sutra, as well as biting safety. This is an interactive class so please bring a partner to nibble upon.

BIO: Schadenfreude entered the world of kink through primal behavior. She discovered her sadism and herself to be a “reaction slut,” by biting and mauling her partners in what they described as “a perfect mixture of pleasure and pain.” Today, she is happy to share the biting techniques that she has discovered through her years of experience with others, by demonstrating and leading guided practice in her interactive biting workshop.


Time: Approximately 1and 1/2 hours

Space: A small to medium room

Furniture: Moveable chairs for the participants, a chair for the demo bottom

Play Stations: Spanking bench or small bondage table (optional)

Incidentals: Dental Dams and pencils or pens for the participants