Schadenfreude is endorsed by the following BDSM organization leaders:

For endorsements given by workshop attendees, see Testimonials.


FMLogoI have had the pleasure of working with Schadenfreude as a student, co- instructor, and event organizer. She is always entertaining, informative, professional, and funny. Her classes consistently provide practical information which is easily worked in to ones own practices. Content from her boot play class frequently appears in my play, much to the delight and dismay of my bottoms.  Schadenfreude is passionate, knowledgeable, and an asset to our community.

-FrozenMeursault: BDSM Workshop Presenter. Syracuse, NY

tnglogoSchadenfreude is an excellent presenter, based on seeing several different topics which she has either part of, or teaching. She seems to research her presentations thoroughly, providing written documents with sources that can be used for a later reference. Going hand in hand with this is excellent organization and easy-to-understand steps and safety information. Most importantly, she always shows her joy for the topic. The demonstrations are always enjoyable because they give light to the fun that can be had, even if the topic is not in your specific kink. The highest praise I can give her is that I have gone to one of her classes simply to see how she taught the information, despite being informed on the subject. Being loathe to receive repetitive information, this shows that she is one of the most interesting presenters to follow, in my book anyhow.

-Kirae: Ithaca TNG Leader. Ithaca, NY

RKSLogoSchadenfreude’s presentations are always thorough, organized, and extremely educational.  As an event coordinator, I greatly value her dedication to the community as well as her focus on safety in play.  Schadenfreude has a wide variety of workshops she offers, from safety to role playing to biting – and the audience seems to love them all.

-Sweet Kat: Rochester Kink Society Event Coordinator. Rochester, NY

smartlooSchadenfreude visited Ohio SMART to teach not just one but THREE classes to our group, and we definitely want her back. Her classes are fun, engaging, and cover tons of practical information and hands-on application. I especially loved her class on the 7 Bites of the Kama Sutra, and her new co-topping class gave us all new ideas for play. As a group organizer, I often see the same topics offered by presenters over and over again, so it’s an added plus that she has classes available that are a change of pace for our members.

-RowanMorrison: OhioSMART Trustee. Cleveland, OH

mpclogoWe were extremely fortunate to have Schadenfreude present her new class, Rope Bondage for Pony Play, for the very first time at the December Fetish Foreplay Friday.  It was a wonderful class, with lots of excellent take home information on both rope and pony play. We are looking forward to having her back again soon.

-Sandua: Monkey Puzzle Club Leader. Columbus, OH


apexlogoSchadenfreude presented for our 13th annual Summer Bash and was a breath of fresh air!  She presented on Erotic Biting and Boot Play Boot Camp.  Schad is fun and engaging in addition to being smart and knowing her craft.  The classes flew by and were highly informative and entertaining.  Many people commented that her classes were refreshingly “out of the box” from the usual BDSM fare.

-Mayafire: Summer Bash Coordinator and Founder of Albany Power Exchange. Albany, NY

ldelogoSchadenfreude is a spirited and talented educator. Her passion for her kink shines through in her workshops, and her enthusiasm is contagious! She had all of our participants whinnying and galloping in no time! She comes highly recommended by Master R and myself as a BDSM educator.

-Miss Couple: Head Mistress of La Domaine Esemar, the World’s Oldest BDSM Training Chateau.  Albany, NY